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Magnified Alien set - 3*27/36

Magnified Alien set — 3*27/36 Twisted Messes Ni80, 3mm ID (4 wrap) 0.10-0.12 Ohms Dual (resistance may vary based on leg length)

The idea behind our Magnified Aliens was to take our Competition Aliens and Magnify the concept by increasing the diameter to allow for more wick. Also, we sacrificed on the surface area but the result was a more precise spread. This coil produces a mild hot vapor unlike our Competition Aliens that produces warm vapour. Let us help Magnify your vape experience.

Works in almost any RDA, RTA and RDTA

CoilFactor coils are 100% safe to use on unregulated and Full Mechanical devices (use at your own risk — always pulse on a regulated device and use a safe battery for your mechanical devices)

All our products will last you anywhere from 2-4 months based on installation and product care.


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